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Gary Church

December 4, 2012

Gary Church: A closer look at Tyler’s No. 2 — and I ain’t talkin’ about a pencil

NEW CASTLE — I'm starting to see signs that my little boy is finally becoming a man.

It all started several years ago, when I inherited a Shih Tzu named Tyler to raise.

Tyler had been trained to go for walks on a leash, when it was time to do his personal business.

After the adoption took place, somehow I inherited the job of walking the dog on these business trips.

Often on a cold and snowy winter night, when he could not find an appropriate spot to use, I would become a tad irate.

This was especially true when he would find a spot, start to lift his leg, and then change his mind.

It seemed to amuse my wife when I would come back inside, accusing the dog of being a complete idiot.

I've had dogs most of my life. All I had to do was let them out, and they did their thing on their own, without any observers in sight.

This dog is different.  He likes an audience.

If I tie him up out back, all he does is sit on the porch and bark, until I come out with him.

Lately, when I have tried this, he has been staying out all by himself.

I'm so proud!

I can't prove it, but three dogs have moved in next door, and I think he enjoys the wonderful aroma of their doo-doo.

This isn't the only sign of his maturing.

A couple of times last week, he even went to bed without his stuffed froggy.

To be honest, I sort of miss froggy at night.

Don't tell anyone, but on occasion, I may bring froggy to bed when he doesn't.

I'm just waiting until he can go outside without a leash and go potty in the woods, where it doesn't need cleaned up.

Does anyone have a clue why he always turns his back parts to me when he is doing No. 2.

I just think he's proud of it.Gary Church: A closer look at Tyler’s No. 2 — and I ain’t talkin’ about a pencil

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Gary Church
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