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Gary Church

June 27, 2014

Gary Church: Boy, the Ladies Room looked an awful lot like ... aw, nevermind

NEW CASTLE — We were invited last week to a beautiful wedding in Pittsburgh.

My old neighbor Mike's lovely daughter, Chrishele, got married in a church on top of Mt. Washington, which overlooks Pittsburgh.

Since the reception was at the Sheraton in Station Square, we parked there, and took the trolley provided by my Mike up to the church.

There was a brief restroom break at the Sheraton before our assent up the mountain.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I'm very sensitive to heights. I avoid them at all costs.

The trolley had to take mountainside roads from the bottom of Mt. Washington to the top.

I didn't ask him, but I bet the driver of the trolley was a former stunt driver.

Several times I told my wife, "I think he's going to roll this thing!"

I kept picturing myself rolling down the mountain and landing in the river.

The ride back down the mountain was worse, but I never cried once in front of the 10-year-old girl I shared my seat with.

Since the rest of the family missed the trolley that I was on, I arrived at the station about 45 minutes before they did.

During this time, I felt that I should pay the restroom another visit.

When I walked in, I noticed they had put a chair in the bathroom. It wasn't there on my first visit.

Another odd thing I noticed: a woman came walking around the partition.

I wondered what was she was doing in the men's room?

Then it hit me!

It wasn't my fault that I chose the wrong door.

What ever happened to the words "Men" and "Women" written on the doors?

I can understand those words.

Those stick silhouettes of a lady with a skirt that doesn't go much below her waist could be mistaken for a man by anyone.

When Chrishele came over to our table, she asked about my next headline for my blog.

That's when I shared with her that I had walked into the wrong rest room.

I said, "The skirt on the lady silhouette should have been longer."

She said, "The hotel left me a comment card, and I will be sure and include that in my comments."

Outside of my daughter trying to burn the reception hall down when she caught her napkin on fire, the rest of the evening went without incident.

Except for the slap on the back I got from the waitress, when I asked for more Italian Dressing.

She said, "It's Greek dressing!"

Maybe that should also be included on the comment card.

Label what country the dressing is from.


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Gary Church
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