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Gary Church

May 9, 2014

Gary Church: When it comes to these new-fangled video games, I just can’t win

NEW CASTLE — I'm finding out more and more that I am out of touch with today's youth.

Back when I was a kid, we had this game called checkers.

It was played on a board of red and black squares, with red and black checkers.

The object was to take all of your opponent’s checkers.

When you did, you won, and the game was over.

Fast-forward to 2014, as I watched my grandson play a video game.

He kept punching or shooting things, and was really racking up the points.

After 15 minutes of this I asked, "When do you win?"

My daughter explained to me, you don't win.

Why play a game if you never win?

Football, basketball, baseball, and hockey all have a winner and a loser.

Games nowadays have no winners — you just play until it's time to eat.

I prefer to win, no matter what the cost.

It wouldn't be any fun for me playing a game just to exercise my fingers.

I want to beat someone, and then do my victory dance while taunting you.

When my grandson was done playing, he just quietly put the thing down, never feeling the sense of victory.

It just so happens I still have my checker board, with Chinese checkers on the flip side.

The next time he visits, I'll get it out and teach him the game.

At least he will know when the game is over. He won't have any checkers left, and my victory dance will be performed.

There will also be a small marital spat included — for not letting him win.



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Gary Church
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