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Gary Church

June 29, 2012

Gary Church: OK, so I finally got caught with my pants down

NEW CASTLE — I do evening scanner duty for the New Castle News. What this means is, if anything pertaining to police or fire happens, I go take a picture of it.

This is living on the edge. You never know when you will be called into action.

I try to be ready at all times, but once in a while, I may be caught off guard.

Last week, while I was sitting on the patio, my wife started to complain about the last time I washed my sitting-on-the-patio outfit.

I have outfits for all occasions.

It was a quiet night on the scanner, so about 8:45 p.m., I decided to wash my patio outfit, along with everything else I own.

Standing by the washing machine, without any pants on, all of a sudden I hear the scanner tones go off.

I had to go right away, but all my clothes were in the washer. This caused some panic on my part.

I pranced through the house and spotted some new shorts I had just gotten for Father’s Day.

This was all I had to wear, unless I wanted to put on some suit pants.

I ripped off all the tags, put on the shorts and a shirt and headed out the door.

Well, most of the tags.

Sometimes, when I get to the scene, things happen that may cause me to snicker a little.

As I was getting ready to take a photo of the tragic event, a lady in the crowd said to me, "I have a question."

She asked, "What is making all the little holes in my yard?"

This is a normal question. It was the timing that struck me funny.

After answering her, I took my photos and went home and finished the laundry

I guess I should ask the firemen when do they do their laundry, and do they ever have to answer gardening questions while fighting fires?


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Gary Church
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