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Gary Church

August 31, 2012

Gary Church: If nobody likes a tattletale, then call me Mr. Lonely

NEW CASTLE — Don't you just hate people who tattletale?

Unfortunately, in my younger days, I was guilty of this infraction.

I remember back then, spotting my neighbor Eddie smoking in Greenwood Cemetery.

I told his mother.

She said I shouldn't tell on others.

Unfortunately, I didn't listen to her.

Another Bluff Street neighbor told me about a kid from St. Mary's school who was sent to West Side School because of his bad behavior.

When the kid acted up in class at West Side, I felt obligated to raise my hand and tell the teacher that he was kicked out of St. Mary because he was so bad.

After school, the kid punched me in the mouth.

That cured me, at least until last week.

I heard on the scanner that a tractor-trailer had knocked some wires down on Melvin Drive, just off Okinawa, in Neshannock Township, and kept going.

Having driven a truck in strange cities, I can understand getting lost, but Melvin Drive is not on the road to anywhere.

When the description was put out on the truck, I just happened to spot it turning on the Columbus Innerbelt.

I drove to Melvin Drive, and parked my car right behind the police cruiser, on the middle of the hill.

I tattled on which direction the trailer was heading.

The officer said he knew its next stop, and would talk to the driver there.

I then got back in my car, but for the first time in history, my car wouldn't start.

It was quite embarrassing.

The friendly neighbors gave me a jump, but it still wouldn't start.

I had to get it towed.

Three hundred dollars later, and after a new starter was installed, it starts fine.

I hope this has finally cured me from being such a big blabber-mouth.

By the way, did anyone else see Ben Roethlisberger's wife at the fair?


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Gary Church
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