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Gary Church

May 16, 2014

Gary Church: Eddie Pagley’s legs, Larry Kelly’s mouth and a little Ben Gay

NEW CASTLE — There are two jobs at The News I would not take if they were offered to me.

One would be a war correspondent. I might get kidnapped or something.

The other job I'm not cut out for is a sports writer.

Their hours of work are unreal.

I attended the basketball game Saturday night, when the old guys played the state champions at the New Castle Field House.

Back in 1997, ’98, and ’99, I never missed a Red Hurricane basketball game. They were my team.

The player I enjoyed watching the most was Eddie Pagley.

When I saw he was going to play in the classic, I knew I would be there.

I ran into Ed about a week before the game. I mentioned that my wife would be there, and for her sake, could he spend a little time at the tanning booth to get a little tan on his legs. She's been waiting 15 years to see them again, and I'm sure he didn't want to disappoint her.

Since I was for the old guys, I added, "You need to score more threes than Anthony Richards."

He said, "I'll be lucky if I get a shot off."

During the first two minutes of the game, Anthony shot three or four 3s, right off the bat.

There went all my hopes of Eddie showing him up.

Finally the moment came and Eddie started firing 3s.

I was estatic!

It was fun to see him ribbing Anthony after the got them.

Larry Kelly did an excellent job as the game announcer, adding some humor along the way.

But I sort of missed the announcer from the 1997-99 seasons, Angelo Ginocchi, yelling, "Eddie Pagley for three!"

That always got my blood flowing.

I'm not sure how many 3s Eddie ended up with, but it wasn't near the nine 3s that Anthony had.

Toward the end of the game, Larry Kelly announced a technical foul had been called on the coach of the young guys, John Sarandrea.

John hadn't done anything, but it was nice to see him get a technical foul again.

Kelly (who actually was a sports writer) asked at one point of the evening, "Has anyone seen Bob Natale, and is he still in uniform?"

It was a fun night, although the uniform Pagley wore covered up most of his legs.

The old guys lost the game 116-99, but I expect the sales of Ben Gay have risen sharply in our area.

I guess sports writing isn't so bad, if you don't mind waiting a week for the results of the game.


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Gary Church
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