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Gary Church

April 2, 2013

Gary Church: Thanks to the Blews brothers, I got my girl

NEW CASTLE — Before I wrote the following answer, I asked my wife a few questions about it.

Her response was, "That was 45 years ago! I don't remember. Leave me out of this."

The following is my own personal recap of the blessed event.

In the late 1960s early 70s, I was single and had what you might call a bachelor pad.

My house was considered headquarters for several of my buddies.

Two of these friends were the Blews brothers.

The ladies considered the older of the two, Ron Blews, an absolute dreamboat.

His brother Larry and I considered him as "bait."

The females would come around to see Ron, but Larry and I would win them over with our charm and personality.

On one occasion, a few ladies happened to be driving past my house, while Ron was washing his car in the driveway.

They stopped to chit-chat.

Ron invited them into my house.

That was the first time I saw my wife to-be. She was sitting in a chair, by the front door, just in case she needed a fast escape.

I always tell people on meeting my wife, "I had curb service."

Neither one of us were that impressed. My wife puts it mildly, "I didn't like you."

Larry and I had bought four season tickets to New Castle football games.

He asked Nancy, one of the ladies who visited us on that day, to go.

I didn't have a date, so they arranged for her friend, the other visitor, Carol, to go with me.

I figured it was a one-night stand.

After the game, the girls started making plans for next week’s game.

What was I going to say?

After four years of on-again, off-again dating, I popped the question.

I didn't ask her parents for their permission.

I think they wanted her to marry a preacher or a missionary, not the village idiot.

The end of the story: on June 15, 1974, we were married.

Larry ended up marrying Nancy.

Ron Blews is still available, washing his car, if any of you guys ever need some bait.


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Gary Church
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