New Castle News

December 28, 2012

Gary Church: With a light bulb in the chicken, my goose is cooked

Gary Church
New Castle News


I never had any plans in my early life, to work in the greenhouse business.
While all the other kids wanted to become doctors and lawyers, I wanted to be a restaurant manager.
I got my big start in the restaurant business back around 1961.
Morgans Wonder Boy opened a 15 cent hamburger stand on State Street hill where Whitings Roll Offs are now located.
I still remember we sold a 15 piece bucket of KFC for $3.25.
Since my brother in law was the general manager for Morgans, sometimes he would call me to do some highly technical jobs there.
I was 16 when I got the call to wash the walls in the back room of the restaurant.
I had never washed a wall in my life, but seriously, how hard could it be?
Everything was going fine, until I actually put soap in the water and started washing.
It made sense to me to start with the ceiling and work my way down the walls.
I got on the ladder and  took one big swish with the soapy rag.
Somehow, I hit the florescent light with my arm and broke the bulb.
It just had to be the light located right above the chicken they had soaking in a big sink.
This isn't something you can just cover up.
A lot of people would be upset if they found a broken florescent bulb in their chicken breast.
I'm pretty sure the 11 herbs and spices in the Colonel's secret recipe don't include florescent bulbs.
I reported it to the boss, and they had to throw all the chicken away.
In spite of that, I worked my way up in the organization to cooking the french fries. After that, I made it to the big time with grilling the hamburgers.
For some reason, I was never allowed in the chicken cooking area again.
Later, when a manager was hired that didn't particularly care for my brother in law, I got laid off, never more to cook burgers again.
How sad.
Just between you and me, I would appreciate it if you didn't mention this blog to my wife.
I don't want her to know that I have washing walls experience.
I'm just glad we don't have florescent bulbs in the kitchen.