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Gary Church

July 24, 2012

Gary Church: Me? Run for office? Let’s discuss it over dinner

NEW CASTLE — I saw state Sen. Elder Vogel for the first time on July 3 during the fireworks display at Westminster College.

He looked suave in his suit and shades. Because there were 10,000 other people there, I didn't get a chance to speak to him.

Then, I was relaxing at the Mary, Mother of Hope Parish Summerfest, when I spotted him again — this time without the suit and shades.

For some strange reason, he wandered over to where I was seated.

Since he was standing right in front of me, looking me dead in the eye, I thought I should stand up and meet him.

I told Elder my name, but I could tell that it didn't ring a bell to him.

Standing right beside Elder was his campaign manager, who did recognize my name right away.

He told me he reads my blogs.

I was impressed, but I'm old and I have forgotten his name. Sorry, campaign manager.

Since the senator was eyeball to eyeball with me, I thought I would conduct a quick interview.

Shooting from the hip, my first question was, "Where are you from?"

He said he was a dairy farmer from North Sewickley.

This probably explains why he doesn't get the New Castle News.

Being a lover of milk, dairy farming is important to me. I went right for the biggie.

I asked, "What dairy do you sell your milk to?"

Without any hesitation he said, "Marburger."

I told him, "I drink Turner’s, but I use to drink Marburger’s when Brad Wallas delivered it to the house."

This concluded my interview with state Sen. Elder Vogel.

Now you see why I'm not the political analyst for The News.

As I was searching Vogel’s website, I realized he is not in my district and I can't vote for him anyway.

Also that evening I spotted state Rep. Chris Sainato in the crowd.

Chris did recognize me and said, "Hi, Gary!"

I replied, "Hi Chris," but conducted no interview.

Since he and I bump into each other quite frequently at every dinner there is, I told him, if he ever runs for president, I would make a good running mate.

Then, we could appear at dinners all across the country.

Our motto could be, "Sainato/Church — Have a problem? Put on a couple of steaks and we'll be there to help."

Elder didn't mention me as a running mate.

I guess there is not a big future in politics for me.

I don't think playing my accordion at the victory celebration, would have the same effect as Bill Clinton playing his sax.

I'll just keep patronizing the local dinners and keep answering gardening questions.

To look more distinguished, though, I'm going to get a pair of those shades like Elder had on.

That might help with my VP nomination.


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Gary Church
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