New Castle News

November 2, 2012

Gary Church: OK, I’ll cut the foo-foo creamer — but not the chili dog ice cream

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — For my morning coffee, I enjoy adding the International Delight Butter Pecan flavored creamer.

I have used this for several years until lately, when my doctor told me to cut down on my sugar intake.

He said not eating bread and potatoes would help. I can handle that.

To help my cause, I quit using the butter pecan creamer.

Everyone said that I would adjust to unsweetened coffee.

They lied.

I'm going through creamer withdrawal. I don't have the shakes yet, but I bet they are coming.

First, I tried switching to half-and-half cream. My wife raves about it, and that's all my saintly mother ever used.

I didn't like it.

Next I went to Coffee Mate, the original, and it wasn't any better than the half and half.

I could add more sugar, but that would defeat the purpose.

How long do you have to drink coffee you can't stand, to become use to not standing it?

Did that make any sense?

My daughter drinks her coffee black, with no sugar added.

I don't understand how she does that. She wasn't raised that way.

I just wish when you have a health issue, that the doctor would tell you to give up something you hate, like coconut or brussels sprouts.

No, it has to be the good stuff, like pasta, potatoes, birthday cakes, and butter pecan flavored cream.

To make things worse, International Delight has come out with Salted Caramel Mocha creamer.

Because a temptress mentioned on Facebook how good it was, I had to pick up a bottle, just for a rare treat once in a while.

It's pretty good stuff.

What they need to come out with is a hot dog with chili-flavored cream.

I'm sure that would work, at least for people from New Castle.