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Gary Church

May 28, 2013

Gary Church: Thanks to biting incident, dog pays visit to the Yankee Clipper

NEW CASTLE — When my new neighbors, Mike and Rochelle, moved in, they added three dogs to our neighborhood.

Their names are a little unusual, since they were all named after New York Yankees ballplayers.

There is a black lab (Jeter), a golden retriever (Giambi), and a shih-tzu (Joba), who I think could do stand-up comedy.

This spring, they added a new dog, which had been abandoned, to the team.

He is a small, white dog, a part Yorkie and part Shih Tzu, named Jax. I learned he got his name from the show, “Sons of Anarchy.”

Rochelle came over a few weeks ago and shared with us the following event that happened in their home.

The words I use to tell the story are not the exact words Rochelle used.

Here goes ...

Giambi, the golden retriever, was standing next to Rochelle.

Without warning, the tiny Jax snuck up behind him and bit him in a very sensitive spot on the male body.

I repeat, these were not Rochelle's exact words. I might have snickered a little — no I almost fell out of my chair laughing — during this story.

Giambi, who was in agony, instinctively bit the closest thing to him — Rochelle's leg.

She had to go to the emergency room for a tetanus shot.

Upon questioning the vet why Jax would do such a horrible thing, he replied, "It's a territorial issue."

I can agree with that, because Jax doesn't go 10 feet without lifting his leg. How much territory does a little dog need?

The bite wasn't real bad on Rochelle's leg, and it didn't cause any problem.

I'm sorry to report that since the incident, Jax can no longer sing bass in the choir.

The vet, in one short operation, made him a tenor, just to calm down his "territorial issues."

I haven't noticed any difference in the leg-lifting thing though. Maybe it takes a while to work.

If you have a dog with these problems, perhaps you should read him this blog, just to scare him a little.

Inserting your own words is permissible.


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