New Castle News

July 17, 2012

Gary Church: The route from Adamsville, Pa., to Gary, Ind., is driving me crazy

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It was Monday morning and my wife and I were sitting on the back patio.

My wife asked, "What are you doing today?"

I had it all planned. I told her that I was going to Walmart for something.

She said, "I thought we might drive up Route 19 to Meadville and have lunch at Cracker Barrel.

I was going to tell her, "Go ahead," but the Cracker Barrel part sounded good to me.

Not only did we go to Cracker Barrel, we also sat on the benches at Conneaut Lake Park, and I fed the fishes a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread at the spillway.

I was hoping to get some new material for my blog on the trip, but it was uneventful.

That is, it was uneventful until we started home on Route 18.

All of a sudden my wife yells, "GARY!"

Now she never calls me by my name unless I've done something terribly wrong.

My biggest fear was that I had just run over the last living relative of King Tut.

Then she exclaimed, "This is it!"

I didn't think she was pregnant, so I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by "it."

Then she made the statement that started to make some sense to me.

She said, "This is Adamsville!"

You have got to understand, every time we go up Interstate 79, I've got to hear about how her great-great-grandfather, Adam Owrey, founded Adamsville.

When I saw it, I simply asked, "Why didn't he make the city maybe a little bigger than Chewton?"

There was nothing more there than a sign saying Adamsville.

She got defensive and asked, "What city did YOUR relatives start?"

The next day, when things were a little calmer, I asked her, "Was it your great-grandfather or your great-great-grandfather that started Adamsville?”

She said, "I'm not sure. It might have been a great-great-uncle."

She thinks there is a plaque there, but I never saw it.

When I checked 'Pa. Hometown Locater' on the web, it said the population of Adamsville is 0. Another site said 67.

Might I suggest, if you want a short sight-seeing vacation, go north of Greenville on Route 18 to Adamsville, Pa.

You can see the whole city in less than 10 seconds, and return home in no time.

I wonder if my wife would believe me if I told her Gary, Ind., was named after me?