New Castle News

September 14, 2012

Gary Church: Wife’s birthday marathon is history — now it’s time to recline

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Well, it looks like my wife's birthday marathon week is finally over.

The conclusion doesn't come until the grandson is here to help blow out the candles on the cake.

This year, I went all out and bought her a recliner.

I've always had my own personal recliner to fit my mature body, but all she gets are hand-me-downs.

I guess it is a family tradition that every time someone dies, we get their recliner as a remembrance.

For several years, all I've heard from her are complaints on how uncomfortable the one we now have is.

I took her shopping for the perfect recliner so I could finally have some peace and quiet.

Five stores —  it took five stores!! — to find one that would fit her hips, and other extremities, perfectly.

I hope she's happy with it, because she has to sit in the thing for the next 25 years.

Then came the big decision on where to get her birthday cake.

Mine usually comes from Poland or Hermitage.

She decided this year that hers would come from Beaver, Pa.

I didn't know Beaver, Pa., had a bakery, but we went.

She knew right where it was located.

Of course, after we picked up the cake, she had to go to the Beaver Valley Mall.

She just had to buy the 93 top that she so desperately needed this year.

This makes me wonder — exactly how many tops does a woman need?

Since she likes them so much, I'll just get her one for her birthday next year.

It would be a lot cheaper than a recliner, and I would have some change left over for a lawn aerator.