New Castle News

January 3, 2014

Gary Church: Today I have something exciting to cluck about...I'm a godfather!

Gary Church
New Castle News


Having a Godparent was not the custom in the church I grew up in.
I have never had a God parent, nor was I ever asked to be one.
When John and Billy-Jo Marshall asked me on facebook, if I wanted me to be Millie's Godfather, I jumped for joy.
I'm not sure what Godparents do, but I bet I'll be a good one.
For those that don't know the story of Millie, she showed up unannounced one day at the Marshall's home, and has never left.
Another minor fact, she's a chicken.
She adopted the Marshalls as parents, and they couldn't be happier about it.
When they come home from work, Millie runs to greet them.
John has built her a heated condo, which includes all meals, daily room service and maid service, plus marshmallows and Doritos snacks upon request.
I hear the Perdue chickens are in envy.
Millie pays her rent with a half dozen of  fresh eggs each week.
 And yes, there is Godmother.
It is none other than Denise Kolodziej Palkovich.
I have never had the pleasure of meeting her in person.
Since my blogging editor at the News is Tim Kolodziej, I figured it was his granddaughter or something. (If this line gets in my blog, Tim is still on vacation.)  I have since learned it's his sister.
I've met Millie, and she sort of hung around me while I was there.
She didn't come right out and say she wanted me as a Godfather, but I could tell she was thinking about it.
Since Millie is a female, I'll let Denise handle all the shopping for her.
There are many question that I still need answered about being a Godfather.
The only thing I know about being one is what I saw in the movie of the same name.
Do you think I need a theme song?  If so, would the chicken dance be appropriate?
If something threatens Millie, do I accompany them to the lake,  and have them take a swim in a pair of cement shoes?
Since Millie is Catholic, and I'm Baptist, I wasn't sure if I had the right qualifications for the job.
John told me that Millie didn't care.
I suppose I better go out and buy a large ring so I can look the part.
If they ever put this on film, I hope they get Steve Martin to play my part.