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Gary Church

December 31, 2013

Gary Church: I guess I'm a hat person least according to my grandson


There are guys that wear hats, and guys that don't.
Although I have a closet full of ball caps, I rarely wear one.
They mess up the few hairs on my head that I have left.
This will now all change.
My grandson bought me a stocking cap at his schools Santa's workshop program.
I look sharp in it.
It's gray.
If I don't take it off, no one will ever know my hair is messed up.
He wasn't real sure if I needed a stocking hat or not.
Every time he went shopping with my wife and daughter, he would point out the stocking hats and ask if  Grandpa needed one.
Since my daughter knew he had already bought it, and paid the big price of $1.50 for it, she nodded to my wife to say "Yes."
I just don't know exactly where to keep it.
My ball caps are on the top of the lamp shades, but a stocking cap doesn't fit well there.
If I put it in the closet, I'll never see it again.  I think Noah's ark is hiding somewhere in our living room closet.
 Why he chose a stocking cap for me, I'll never know.  
Last year he got me a pen and pencil set.
His reasoning was, I chew up all my pens, and needed new ones.
Even if the hat said "Best Grandpa," or Hunk Grandfather," I could see his reason behind buying it.
But it's just a gray stocking cap.
I suppose I'll look a little odd this summer with it on, but if it is from him, I'll wear it.
My wife got rose petal bath soap from him this year.
This creates the problem, if she uses it, she won't be able to keep it with all the other Christmas presents he has bought her.
Whereas, I'll probably be buried in my gray stocking cap, holding the dog brush he got me in one hand, and the pen or pencil in the other.
I hope there's room in the casket for his gift, the key chain flash light.  I may need it.

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Gary Church
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