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May 9, 2013

Photo Gallery, Video: Procession, flag-waving crowds salute fallen policeman

NEW CASTLE — Throngs of people crowded along East Washington Street Wednesday, paying final tribute to fallen officer William J. “Jerry” McCarthy IV.

A motorcade of about 20 motorcycles and more than 200 police cruisers, all with flashing red and blue lights, created a sensation as it rode slowly toward Shenango Township.

Some people held signs and businesses posted messages on their marquees and signs with such tributes as “God Bless, Officer Jerry,” “Rest in Peace, Officer McCarthy,” and “Thank you for your service.”

First-, second- and third-graders and teachers from New Castle’s Thaddeus Stevens School lined the sidewalk waving flags.

People sat on lawn chairs and porches or stood on sidewalks. Some waved flags while others saluted or held their hands and hats over their hearts as the hearse carrying McCarthy passed by.

McCarthy, 60, was killed in a traffic accident in New Castle Thursday night. A Shenango policeman and Lawrence County detective and humane officer, he was on duty for the township when a car allegedly fleeing New Castle police slammed broadside into his cruiser. The police car’s driver, Shenango patrolman Michael Lynch, 35, suffered a fractured hip and ankle.

Outside St. Vitus Church Wednesday morning, more than 500 police officers, firefighters, ambulance crews, sheriff’s personnel and park and game rangers gathered in formation to pay him homage. All were clad in full military dress uniforms with white gloves, visored hats and shiny shoes.

They represented more than 100 departments and agencies from throughout Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey.

Some of the officers wore lapel buttons with McCarthy’s picture and the words: “Officer William “Jerry” McCarthy, EOW (End of Watch), May 2, 2013.”


As the hearse carrying McCarthy’s flag-draped casket arrived at the South Side New Castle church, a crowd of mourners stood motionless in extended silence. Then Pittsburgh police bagpipes resounded as a vanguard of Shenango officers and county district attorney’s office detectives escorted the casket into the church.

The Rev. Francis Almade, who presided over a Mass, likened McCarthy’s tragedy to the story of Job.

“Why? Why is an unanswerable question,” he said. “All of the books of any religion, including our dear Bible, do not answer that question.”

Nor do they answer why Job had to suffer the way he did, Almade said.

He asked the police officers in the church, “How many bullets are here? How many firearms are on you? Could they have prevented this senseless act?

“But I did learn what so many of you do. You serve. That’s what the real power is, the service of others. It’s a blessing to all of us in your care.”

Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa eulogized McCarthy as a hero.

“Our thin blue line grew even thinner today,” he said. “If you’re looking for a hero, just look here at this casket, and look at all of the officers gathered here and outside.

“Officers like Jerry McCarthy wake up every morning and put their badges on their chests to go out and make life easier for the rest of us.”

Of McCarthy, Lamancusa said that “every man who ever served with him loved him. That tells me everything about his courage and about Jerry’s heart. He was a man who lived and loved with every bit of his heart and soul.

“We can’t thank you enough, Jerry McCarthy, for all that you have sacrificed for us.”

McCarthy’s son, Michael, a Georgia firefighter, stepped up to the pulpit in uniform with a letter he had written to his father after his death. He was overcome with grief as he struggled to read it.

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