New Castle News

February 26, 2013

Faith Story: Kelly Finley reflects on twin miracles

Mackenzie Summerville
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — As Kelly and Tom Finley ventured into a new life as a married couple, they soon discovered their limited chance at becoming pregnant because of some health issues.

 Later learning that she had infertility, Kelly was shocked to find herself pregnant for the first time.

This pregnancy was a difficult one, including the loss of her unborn child. Kelly and Tom prayed for God’s will for their lives involving children. Through the journey of giving birth to two healthy children, the Lord then took them even further than either of them ever thought possible.


Watch the video below to hear about God’s awesome power in an impossible situation, and how twin-to-twin transfusion, with an incredibly low chance of survival, encouraged their faith beyond what they ever could have imagined.

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