New Castle News

June 19, 2012

Your Faith: This week, Logan Curry shares his story

Mackenzie Summerville
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Logan Curry was going to church, but something was missing.

The word “faith” had to mean more — didn’t it?

Not until he reached college did he start to seek out something more than his typical partying, lust-driven life. Logan hit a low point when he realized he wasn’t fully living out his walk that God had set out for him. Adjusting his addictions from a sin-centered existence to a God-centered lifestyle, Logan has begun to see his faith story unfold.

Watch the video below to discover how Logan's life was drastically changed by the love and power of God.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a part of this “Faith Story” project by sharing their testimony on video, please contact Mackenzie Summerville at