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September 6, 2012

Some information offered on Obama’s presidency

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Do people know:

Ten years of taxation and the stealing of $716 billion from Medicare will fund Obamacare for only six years?

Number of charges, arrest and convictions for financial crimes and bank fraud under different administrations are: Bill Clinton, 1,000; George W. Bush, 1,300; Barack Obama, 0, zero, zilch, nada, none?

Solyndra (one of 12 bankrupt green energy firms that taxpayers lost billions of dollars on) in an email, referred to the Obama administration as “Bank of Washington?”

Non-legal residents and even non-residents use an ITINN number to file U.S. tax returns and file claims for the “child tax credit,” resulting in over $7 billion in fraud and the Obama administration refuses to take corrective action?

The Obama family’s solstice vacation to Hawaii last winter, complete with “his and her flights” and separate motorcades, stuck the taxpayers with a tab of more than $4 million? (Is that where Obama got idea for “We Can’t Wait” slogan?)

There are rumors of fundraisers being conducted to purchase an estimated $35 million mansion (located in the tropical paradise of Hawaii) for the Obama family to move into?

With Obama spending his post-presidential days golfing and being paid millions for speeches from his presidential library in Hawaii, could one think of a better way to further remove and distance oneself from the stark realities of historic deficit spending and historic accumulation of national debt by Obama? When the Obamas do leave the White House in January (the taxpayers fund the trip home) let’s hope they don’t take his and her flights.

Patty Jenkins

Albert Street

New Castle