New Castle News

July 18, 2013

Too much emphasis placed on gambling

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Why so much effort and striving for more gambling?

Our New Castle News informs us of the time and hard work our county commissioners have been doing for the proposed gambling casino to come to Lawrence County.

Do we want more compulsive gamblers?

It is better to focus on the needs of society. Why spend money gambling when it should go to the needs of our country and beyond.

Help is needed to feed hungry children, provide clean water, medicine, books, clothes and education. Thousands of children have to beg or work in order for families to survive.

Haiti is not over its earthquake as yet, as far as housing.

People who gamble can’t afford to buy that ticket time after time, with no guarantee to win.

Real satisfaction comes from giving, not getting. Many charities need help to continue their good work of spiritual and physical help.

Yes, we have the City Rescue Mission and Salvation Army that could and would do more if funded.

Nationwide and worldwide, charities are available.

Let’s put that gambling money to good use.

People may sleep better, too.

Anna Wellhausen

Old State Road

New Castle