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September 14, 2012

Our Opinion: Local group seeks to spark progress in community

NEW CASTLE — What’s your vision for the future of New Castle and Lawrence County?

And just as important, what is your game plan for making it happen?

This community faces its share of challenges, but it’s not unique in that regard. It’s up to people to decide whether they are going to address these challenges or allow them to fester.

A new effort is under way to explore avenues for making positive changes locally. New Visions for Lawrence County wants to be the springboard for bringing people together and pursuing projects that will enrich the community in a variety of ways.

As part of this effort, New Visions is hosting its kickoff community meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at New Castle High School. The key focus is to explore ways to revitalize New Castle.

Volunteers within New Visions have been soliciting input and ideas for several months and are now prepared to broaden the effort. Specific plans at Tuesday’s meeting call for attendees to break up into four groups to explore various areas of interest and seek solutions to existing issues.

These four categories include safety, community celebration, communications and clean/green efforts. Individuals who believe there ought to be other priorities can raise those concerns at the session.

A basic concept behind New Visions is that aggressive, coordinated and cooperative efforts are needed to achieve community progress. Simply wishing for something better — or expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting — won’t produce results.

If like-minded and committed people can come together and work toward a common goal, success is much more likely than having individuals struggling on their own. Human energy and ingenuity are resources that New Visions hopes to unify in a manner that produces results.

But for that to happen, people have to get involved. And they have to do so with the understanding that progress takes both time and effort. New Castle’s problems did not arise overnight, and they will take time to address.

The good news is that mechanisms exist to address those problems. Success in other communities proves that.

The first steps, however, are communication and cooperation. New Visions is attempting to launch these efforts with its session Tuesday. We urge people who care about this community and are willing to share in the process of finding solutions to attend and contribute. The challenges are substantial, but so are the rewards.

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