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Josh Drespling

September 1, 2012

Josh Drespling: Is boredom overrated? I wouldn’t know

NEW CASTLE — At last, I have nothing to do today! I've have finally completed all the pressing items on my lengthy to-do-list.

There is nothing urgent from any of my design clients and my house is in decent order. It has been months in the making but I have finally made it to this day of bliss.  

I feel like I have run a marathon, jumped hurdles, swam across great seas and climbed mountains just to arrive at my moment of solitary relaxation. My time to be absorbed into the couch, to be engrossed by the TV or catch up on the 10 magazines that I have not even glanced at yet. A little “me-time” to cool the jets, clear the mind and recharge the batteries.

I shall cherish this time as I know many of you are coveting it at this very moment.

If I recall correctly when we were children and had nothing to do, it was pure torture. Boredom was an evil enemy that crept into every car ride, grocery store trip or summer vacation. A rainy afternoon would inevitably invoke a “Mom, I'm soooo bored.” Followed by the dreaded retort of, “If you’re so bored clean your room or read a book.”

Moms, or all adults for that matter, never understood the agony of the summer doldrums. Their age and distance from their youth has wiped their mind of the pure unadulterated ennui that can befall an unengaged child. In these lackluster days of tedium, moments seemed like hours and every toy and game had all its fun removed from it. Nothing was engaging and nothing was worth your attention.

Now that I am of age, my mind races with ways to achieve just a small amount of that child-like boredom. I long for a fleeting second to block out the world and all its chaos. As an adult, having small pockets of nothing to do is a desired event that I only get to partake of on rare occasions.

How I will cherish this moment or, better yet, a day of boredom. A day choked full of dull moments. Ahhh, let me just check my email, and voicemail real quick ...

In the time that it took me to write this, I got a voicemail from a former bandmate asking me to take a look at a new business he is opening. I also got an email from a design client requesting a logo for a third party and a second email from a client I have not done any work for in over a year, asking me to begin work on three new projects.  

It looks as though my moment of Zen and relaxation has just been sucked out the window with hurricane force.

I must sheepishly return to my grind.


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Josh Drespling
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