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Josh Drespling

July 13, 2013

Josh Drespling: With a little tidying up, maybe we can even park in our garage

NEW CASTLE — It is just shy of a full year since I cleaned out our garage. I spent several hot days last summer making it nearly spotless. It was neat and tidy and everything had its respective place.

I built two sets of shelves to hold all the items that any typical garage holds. I hung large hooks to wrangle in the garden hoses and the hundreds of feet of electrical cords that call my garage home. I even installed a large shelf onto the concrete wall to hold all our miscellaneous paint cans. I swept and cleaned every nook and cranny of that cold cement cube.

After I had completed the burdensome task, I stood in the doorway with the sunlight shining on my nearly perfect garage. I admired my own handiwork in what became a blissful moment. As I took in the sanctity of the space, I felt proud of a job well done.

Fast forward to last weekend. I am stumbling through the debris scattered all across the floor of the garage in an effort to complete yet another home project. There are various car parts scattered to and fro. There are headlight assemblies, a wrecked front quarter panel from my wife's car, and even a spare tire. Somehow, two old TVs have found their final resting place in the center of my garage, and even a computer monitor is among the rakes, shovels, and various other hand tools.

There are also scraps of wood, some PVC pipe, and spare plumbing parts resting near a pair of hedge clippers, with the other small tools.

What is designated as a parking spot for our car looks like some sort of mini war zone contained within the four walls of my garage. How did it get to such a point of disarray? There are dirt and leaves strewn across the floor and it looks as though every spider in the county has decided to take up residence there. They have spun some mighty fine webs that seem to catch me across my face every time I walk through there.

With all that said, I guess it’s time to revisit the glory of last summer when I had a pristine garage. It will provide space to put all the new junk I have acquired over the last year and, most of all, my wife will quit complaining about having to park outside through another winter.


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Josh Drespling
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