New Castle News

March 9, 2013

Josh Drespling: It’s a wonderful, glorious, stupendous SNOW DAY!

Josh Drespling
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It’s six a.m. My eyes and mind spring to life with anticipation. I can hear the wind howling outside as it whips against the side of the house. The trees are groaning as they resist the pressure of the cold winter gusts.  

I make my way to the window and press my face against the cold pane of glass. I peer through the early morning darkness to see that the snow has piled up, just as the weatherman had promised the night before.

I flip on the old clock radio. As it crackles to life, it blurts out a mass of static, fragmented words and music notes. I twist the knob, trying to dial in the correct station. I need to find the broadcast that will provide the precious information that I need.

Amidst the hiss and groans of the AM radio, I hear the announcer read through a list of worthless information. He banters about the weather, politics, and sports… Get to it already, I think to myself. I need to know!

“And we have a list of closings and cancellations,” he explains. He works his way through the alphabetical list, seeming to draw out each and every syllable. Through the As, Bs… slowly dredging forward. Then he says it—“Also cancelling classes today is Laurel School District.”

Yes! A wash of happiness falls on me as the announcer’s words reach my ears. I realize that my late-night moments of lying in bed, praying for a just such a reprieve, have come to fruition. This means no spelling test, extra reading, or math quizzes. No cafeteria lunch or cramped and freezing bus ride. A snow day is like a giant pause button on the DVR of life, a sudden explosion of freedom. It is an uncanny and exhilarating jolt of liberty.

I greet the soothing news of a snow day like any other school-age boy would, like manna falling from heaven. The announcement that I will not have to report to school is like the voice of angels speaking directly to my soul. But I can’t dwell on the excitement; I have an important decision to make. Do I spend the morning in my pajamas watching cartoons and eating Fruity Pebbles? Nah, I’ll ignore the cold and don the snow suit to spend the next few hours braving the elements to build the world's largest snowman. I could even catch some wicked air with that new sled of mine, or building a snow fort is always a fun adventure.

I have to rouse my brother and let him know the glorious news. We have so much to do and so little time. We will have to meet up with the other neighborhood kids to celebrate our new-found freedom and forge our way through our peaceful winter wonderland.

After hours of long hard play, we will make our way inside for some of Mom’s homemade chili and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. We will cozy up to the fireplace to thaw out our fingers and toes. We will inevitably hang all of our snow clothes over the back of any available chair, trying to dry them out in preparation for another round of winter fun and dream of another snow day.