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Josh Drespling

July 14, 2012

Josh Drespling: Whew! When my vacation ends, I’m gonna need a ... vacation!

NEW CASTLE — I sit here reeking of a pungent combination of gasoline and sweat. My arms are sore, my mind is tired and my feat are aching.  

Why, you ask? Because I'm on vacation, of course.  

I have spent the last several days tackling a project that has been on the honey-do-list for several years. Its one of those monumental projects that you loathe even thinking about. It's the dreaded kitchen remodel (cue dramatic sound effect).

Yes, we are re-doing our entire kitchen. It finally came time for the 1970s pirate ship-like cabinets and repulsive brown floor tile to leave. The nasty 35-year-old crank-out kitchen windows also have become history. The curtains are gone, the light switches and covers are gone and, don’t tell my wife, but the ugly green and white dish towels are long gone, too.

It started simply enough as a weekend project to refinish the cabinets. It quickly grew to include new handles and hinges for the cabinets. Then my wife saw some interesting new trim pieces for the recessed-can lights that we had to have. As quickly as we snatched those up, we (cough ... she) decide that we needed a new accent color to liven up the space.  We stumbled through several $30 cans of ill-chosen green paint. I painted and repainted, and repainted the green areas until the paint was thicker than the drywall.

Once we were knee deep in our project and had successfully turned our home into a construction zone strewn with debris, paint splatters and tools galore, it was the obvious choice to include a new counter top in our adventure. I always wanted to add a tile back-splash and there is no better time than the present, so that immediately got added to the list.

As you can see my couple-day project has become a mountainous undertaking with a few quick decisions and I haven’t even mentioned the new flooring or the new window yet. Luckily, I caught a break and the counter-top materials had to be ordered and won't be here until the middle of next week. That gave me just enough breathing room for all the other tasks that I have saddled myself with.

Well, enough of this procrastination and sitting around. It is time to pop a couple more Advil, down a 5 Hour Energy and get this renovation party back on track. If you wanna stop by and give me a hand we'll be here all night. I will even throw some extra burgers on the grill and keep the drinks cold.

Once all these things are done, I'm gonna take a long, relaxing hot shower, lie down for an extended nap and put in a request for a few more vacation days to recover from my current “vacation.”


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Josh Drespling
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