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Josh Drespling

April 7, 2012

Josh Drespling: This kid knows how to party!

NEW CASTLE — To quote a rather prominent figure in human history, “It is finished.”

I must admit my tasks of the last few days were on a much less grand scale and of lesser importance than the man who uttered those famed words. However, I challenge you to explain that to a 5-year-old girl who has eagerly anticipated her 6th birthday party for months and months. She carefully planned the details and who she would invite and even decided that the theme would be “Angry Birds.”

Her mother and I (mostly her mother) spent countless hours developing interesting and fun games for all the girls. We (cough, cough) I mean my wife turned our house into a life-size Angry Bird game. She had dozens of boxes designed to emulate the crates and boxes in the video game. The full two stories of the front of our house were converted into a level from the game. It had mean ol’ egg stealing pigs nestled in every corner. She had several nests with eggs protected by those evil, green pigs. Every rafter, beam and elevated spot in the house had a latex balloon hanging from it with a home-made Angry Birds' character face attached to it. There were strategically hidden “golden eggs” that were filled with candy and other goodies. She also made an amazing looking cake the had several layers and fondant galore, shaped into all the characters from the game with cupcakes to match.

As if one day of birthday decadence was not enough, we decided to extend the festivities into two days. Day one fell on Saturday and was dedicated to the family. This adult party brought out all the usual relatives and gave us the opportunity to catch up with all those family members we don’t see as often as we would like. It also afforded everyone the opportunity to shower my daughter with gifts, gifts and more gifts. Although she was not thrilled by some of the clothes, I was.

Day two was a whirlwind of activities, games and childhood energy that mad me jealous. My home was besieged by a small army of school age girls. Their energy was high and the noise level was elevated to that of a Steelers game at Heinz Field. They ran about the house, screaming, giggling and eating more candy than their parents would ever allow.  Following the games came cake and ice cream and many more gifts. The kids knew how to give good birthday gifts.  Not one single stitch of clothing! All games, toys and fun things to do and my daughter loved every one of them.

Soon the dust settled as the parents arrived to take their children home to recover from their respective sugar comas. Mountains of tissue and wrapping paper cluttered my living room. Piles of presents lined the walls as the trash cans overflowed with used paper plates, disposable cups and plastic silverware. It was finally over. All the planing, shopping and preparations had come to an end. My daughter had officially become 6 years old.

All that is left is to clean and re-organize the entire house and start preparing for next year. You can expect a save the date card in your mail soon.

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Josh Drespling
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