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Josh Drespling

February 15, 2014

Josh Drespling: Winter offers some cool, compelling reasons to stick around

NEW CASTLE — Don’t hate me because I'm beautiful. Though I am powerful and unpredictable, I have unjustly received a bad reputation over the course of time.

I am Winter, the least beloved of seasons. I am mistreated, talked down to, cursed, and blatantly disrespected, yet I remain steadfast in my creator’s intentions.

My constant companions, Jack Frost and Old Man Winter, forever remain immured between the indecisive, yet celebrated seasons of Spring and Fall. In fact, the many things that are deemed as despicable about me are a direct result of Fall's unwillingness to release its grasp on each day or Spring's prematurely rearing its head of rebirth.

That “wintry mix” of snow, sleet, and rain that hinders your travels and throws your bodies into a flux can be directly contributed to my neighboring seasons putting their hands into my allotted time period. Thus, disturbing the natural ebb and flow of our amicable earthly existence.

If these fountains of seasonal modification would be more agreeable and release their hold on our climates, we could easily avoid this mish-mash of weather systems and allow my Arctic glory to shine proudly.

It’s the tyranny of Summer that permits men to wear socks with saddles and expose their poorly spelled prison tattoos. It is my constant foe, Summer, who transports you to situations that cause you to defend yourself from every form of wasp, bee, and nasty crawling thing. It is Summer who makes you feel inadequate as you squeeze into that bathing suit, while I, Winter, present the opportunity to hide your flabby belly and thickening thighs behind a big, warm and fluffy coat.

It is I, Winter, who allows you to consume and enjoy the most decadent of treats, guilt free. Summer could never offer you the opportunity to savor a piping hot mug of hot chocolate topped with a mountain of marshmallows or even whipped cream. Additionally, I produce an atmosphere that is perfect for consuming hearty foods. Manly, stick-to-your-ribs meals, chock-full of meat and potatoes. I shun the low-brow picnic staples such as Jello salad or those cold, green bean or broccoli casserole concoctions that manage to sneak onto the food table at every picnic in the Northern Hemisphere.

When was the last time you saw school-age children pressing their faces against a window to catch a glimpse of the first ray of Summer sun? But let me drop just a few snowflakes, and every person from toddlers to aged physicists are abuzz with excitement. Just a glance of some flakes of snow put people in the state of mind for the most joyous Christmas season. Those other seasons try to compete with the splendor of Christmas. Their vain attempts encompass Presidents Day, Labor Day, and a day about a rabbit hiding eggs.

Once I am fully allowed to take over, I blanket our world with a beautifully calming covering of snow. This miraculous event is like manna from heaven. It hides a multitude of imperfections left behind from the other seasons. From the moment it happens, this earth is transformed into a wonderland. People’s attitudes and priorities change, schools are closed, and our children are free to frolic in the heavenly expanse of winter.

Before long, Spring will again force its hand and melt away all that remains of our Winter Wonderland. I will soon be a distant memory, and you will return to your back-breaking Summer chores such as mowing the grass, gardening, and repairing your house. All the while, you are longing for the cool embrace of your constant friend, Winter.

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Josh Drespling
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