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Josh Drespling

June 29, 2013

Josh Drespling: Put the phone down and step away from the cat, it's time to unplug



Another app that keeps me glued to my phone is Words With Friends. I current have 4 or 5 games going on. I check back every few minutes in hopes that one of my opponents have made a move so I can make mine. It’s a vicious cycle, because once we exchange moves, I'm right back where I started, pacing back and forth, anticipating the moment that I can once again become active, if only for a few brief seconds.

I always have a gadget, phone, laptop, or computer within arm’s reach. I have the constant feed straight to my brain. It keeps my brain active, but is possibly also dulling my scenes.

I need to unplug and walk away. I'm turning off my laptop, setting up a vacation response on my email, and taking the battery out of my phone.My decompression starts now... Oh, wait, I have to send a tweet, email, and instant message so everybody knows I'm not going to be available.


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Josh Drespling
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