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Josh Drespling

May 26, 2012

Josh Drespling: Feeling entitled? It’s time to ‘man up’

NEW CASTLE — Why is it that we all feel entitled? Every turn of the proverbial corner I encounter another segment of our egotistical population that feel they are deserving of specialized treatment. These organisms live with the impression that in spite of their delusions of grandeur they are owed some material reparations, compensation or uncommon respect.

A perfect example is as follows. I was standing at the counter in a local greenhouse, waiting for the elderly lady who worked there to return to her post. Apparently, the 40+ “gentleman” who was in front of me felt it necessary to have her carry his plants to his car. As she hustled back to the counter, we greeted each other and she began to ring up the perfect set of tomato plants and some very nice Italian bell peppers I had picked out.

The woman and I began our exchange of money and goods as another man with a full flat of yellow peannies appeared behind me. Just as I was handing the woman my money this man behind me said, “You want to pay for mine to?”  

“Sure,” I replied as I turned and looked at him.  

I was actually going to do it, until ...

He quipped. “'Cause, I'm a Vet.”

This man had instantly turned what would have been an anonymous act of kindness into a selfish scenario of entitlement with his incivility. He had successfully reaffirmed my disdain for the entitlement mentality that is so incredibly prevalent in our society. It transcends race, gender, income level and education. This narcissistic impression that you are owed something because you have artificially enveloped yourself in the belief that you dwell in magnificence hinders our population many ways.

It's the motorcyclist mentality that it is someone else’s obligation to “watch out” for you, thus shirking the responsibility of your own protection to another. This infant-like rationale raises its ugly head every time teachers feel they are owed more money or more benefits. These self-absorbed educators throw the lives of thousands of families into flux because they have wrapped themselves in delusions of grandeur. I implore you, if your working conditions are so poor and your wages are unfair then grasp that golden ring and move onward and upward, rather resting on what you feel you are owed. Take control of your own destiny and well-being and do not rely on the handout and socialistic distribution of finances, assets or life. Alternatively, embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and self-worth founded on achievements and success rather than societal segment based divisions of the populist.

We teach our children to pray for the things they want and the almighty god of gift giving will give them a new bike or toy. Just a hint, it doesn't work like that. On a more worldly level we immerse and even trick our children into being good and they will earn a mountain of presents from ol’ St. Nick. These bastardizations of reality have generated a civilization that is focused on self and content to let others shoulder the responsibility for their actions.

Everyone seems to somehow be the victim, the victim of some ungodly circumstance or event. They are unable to overcome life’s obstacles and have convinced us who surround them that they need unique accommodations. I stand at the top of the highest mountain shouting “SHENANIGANS” to all who will hear. Don’t let the forces of your environment control and mold you. Take charge of your life. “Man up,” as the saying goes and do what needs to be done. Make yourself into what you know you can be and someday soon will be.


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Josh Drespling
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