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Josh Drespling

October 26, 2013

Josh Drespling: It’s never too late to pursue your dream

NEW CASTLE — We all have dreams and aspirations. They are inclinations of the grand things we would like to do with our lives.

Some of us want to be rich and some want to be famous. Others just want a simple life, free of the hectic lifestyle they have been dealt.

Unfortunately, many of those hopes have fallen by the wayside as life took its course. Visions that we hoped we would achieve by the time we hit 30 or 35 or even 40 have all but disappeared from our consciousness.

Many of my own dreams have encompassed the music industry. Though I did immerse myself in that for several years and I garnered considerable success, the dream of becoming a big-time rock star or an industry mogul has faded as time has passed, but that has not stopped people from reminding me of my missed opportunities or failure to achieve those dreams.

I am asked on a regular basis to get back into the game. Sometimes it's a promoter wanting me to jump on a show they are putting together. I've been offered shows in Texas, Philly, Florida, and outside Detroit in the past year, but have passed on them all for one reason or another.

I also get bands asking me to dust off my music production skills and record and/or produce an album for them. These offers have always been tempting, but I end up passing due to my lack of desire to commit to such an extensive project.

I am approached by musical groups hoping to get me to manage their careers or represent them as a publicist. However, much like the tremendous amount of commitment that recording and producing would require, I am not able to offer that amount of time and dedication to a project.

It is not often that a page of the calendar flips without me fielding a request to dust off the old mic and get on a track with some new group or be featured on a compilation CD. I get sent beats and songs from groups asking me to collaborate with them, but I always seem to let it slide and never get around to doing it. I guess that truly is not my dream anymore.

I have a stash of musical equipment, lights, and sound gear stuffed in a corner of our basement, collecting dust. I have hard drives filled with unfinished songs, and my dreams were wallowing in the forgotten corner of my basement — until this week.

I stumbled into a conversation with an acquaintance from my days of doing music and one thing led to another. He convinced me to take a swing at a song he was working on. He has sent me the rough instrumental tracks and I have agreed to write and record a verse for him.

Somehow, he has rekindled a spark of that dream I had so many years ago. So this weekend, I will probably be slaving away trying to recapture my youth and knocking the rust off my abilities.

Sometimes, what is lost needs to be recovered.

It never is too late to dream.


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Josh Drespling
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