New Castle News

March 20, 2013

Man accused of robbing pot customer

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — A Grant Street projects resident is wanted for allegedly robbing a man during a marijuana deal.

New Castle police have charged Reginald Anderson Murphy, 25, of 353 Halco Drive after witnesses said he stole $100 during the foiled transaction.

Police said they were called around 12:50 p.m. Friday to the 300 block of Halco Drive regarding a man who had been hit by a blue Jeep. The man, identified as Murphy, had called the police and told them the Jeep hit him and drove away.

Police located the Jeep and contacted the owner, who said he had gone to Halco Drive to buy marijuana and was robbed by Murphy. The jeep had a “brush mark” in the dirt on the rear passenger door but there was no damage to the car, officers observed.

The Jeep owner said Murphy had sent him a text message that he had marijuana for sale. He said he went to the intersection of Grant Street and Halco Drive and Murphy got into his passenger seat. He then drove west toward Sampson Street and gave Murphy five $20 bills to buy the marijuana, but Murphy took the money and didn’t give him the marijuana, he told police.

Murphy told him he would give his money back, then he tried to run from the Jeep with the money, the man told police. He said he grabbed Murphy’s arm and Murphy reached into his waistband where he had a gun.

The witness then  let go of Murphy and sped away, he told police.

The tenant of an apartment where Murphy went after the incident allowed officers to search her residence, and they found five $20 bills hidden under the couch cushions, according to reports.

Murphy was taken to Jameson Hospital for his encounter with the driver, police said, but he left the hospital without being treated.

Police said he denied stealing the money, but investigators learned later that a portion of the incident was recorded on video surveillance.

Murphy is charged with robbery, theft, receiving stolen property, recklessly endangering another person and carrying a firearm without a license.

The police have a warrant for his arrest.