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March 20, 2013

Courtney Caughey-Stambul: My favorite actor? Johnny Depp!

Courtney Caughey-Stambul
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Hello and happy Wednesday to you! We're halfway through the week. Thank goodness!

Yesterday, a friend asked me who was my favorite actor. I've been thinking quite a bit about my answer over the past day.

If I had to choose, I would say Johnny Depp (though Bruce Willis is a close second) because of his versatility. Depp has portrayed so many different types of characters. Just look at his filmography! (

My favorite Depp film, as you all know if you read my blog, is "Secret Window," which came out in 2004. Johnny Depp is likeable as Mort Rainey, yet a little creepy, and I just love that.

I also adored Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" and as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies."

Another movie that Depp starred in is a favorite of mine as well — but I bet you'd never guess it. Well, I am a huge fan of "Cry-Baby," which came out in 1990. The film is, shall we say, an acquired taste. If you like musicals and you like "Grease," you'd probably love it.

I'm happy to say that Johnny Depp will appear on the big screen again very soon as he is set to play Tonto in "The Lone Ranger." The movie is scheduled for release in early July. To watch the trailer, CLICK HERE.

It has also been announced that Depp will star in a fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean." It is scheduled for release in 2015. I'm not sure how I feel about a fifth installment, but we shall see.

So tell me, who is your favorite actor and why?