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March 21, 2012

Courtney Caughey: Mash it up with a quick fix side dish

Courtney Caughey
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — So, this week I am taking a break from Easter recipes to talk about a quick-fix side dish.

Last night, I tried Ore Ida's Steam n' Mash red potatoes. I needed something to accompany the pork chops I was making and when I saw the potatoes in the freezer section, I was quite intrigued.

The packages were on sale — two for $5 at Giant Eagle — which I think is a really good deal.

The potato bag simply lays on its side in your microwave for 10 minutes, after which you remove it carefully and let it sit for two minutes.

Once the two minutes have passed, simply cut the top off the bag and pour the potatoes into a bowl with 2/3 cup of milk and 2 tbsp. of butter, then mash.

I think the key to having the potatoes turn out well is not to over-mash. I really felt the urge to, considering I don't really like lumpy mashed potatoes, but then I reminded myself that these sorts of potatoes are meant to be lumpy. The red potato skins add color, flavor and texture to the dish.

Ore Ida also offers Steam n' Mash potatoes in just plain russet, garlic seasoned and sweet potato. I think I may venture to the freezer section again for these. I wouldn't mind trying the sweet potato. Yum!

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Here's to cooking quick and easy this week!