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June 6, 2012

Courtney Caughey: Enjoy dinner and a movie this weekend — at the drive-in

Courtney Caughey
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Every weekend, my fiancé and I go to the drive-in.

There is no better place to enjoy a night out. You can't beat the cost of tickets, $8 per person for two movies. It costs more than that for one movie at an indoor theater where you can't even look up at the stars!

So on Friday nights, Dave and I choose which drive-in we would like to visit. Sometimes we go to Butler Pioneer in Butler and sometimes we go to Elm Road Triple in Warren, Ohio. The two theaters each have their own merits and I wouldn't want to give up attending either one.

Unfortunately, both of our favorite theaters and others across the U.S., are facing an uphill battle the next few years. Drive-ins will be forced to upgrade their equipment, making the inevitable switch to digital projection. This transition is very costly and because most drive-ins are seasonal businesses, some will be unable to afford the conversion.

There are only 366 surviving drive-ins left in the U.S. Thus, the reason for my post today, is to spread the word about our nearby drive-in theaters. Please support them, so that our children and our children's children can experience the magic of watching their favorite characters under the night's sky.

The best way to support a drive-in theater is to patronize their concession stand. Concessions range from hamburgers and hot dogs to pizza and Italian sausage sandwiches (yum!). And of course, all the candy and popcorn you could possibly consume.

Butler Pioneer even offers family deals. They have a large popcorn, two large fountain drinks, and a large candy combo for only $13. You really can't beat that with today's prices, especially at a theater.

So this weekend, why not enjoy a night out with your family or significant other and get dinner and a movie?

•Visit Elm Road Triple Drive-In's website at

•Check the showtimes for the Butler Pioneer Drive-In on their Facebook page at