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October 19, 2013

Culinary Conversation: Found recipe takes the cake

NEW CASTLE — Cooking is about sharing as much as it is putting ingredients together.

Culinary Conversation is a sharing column and we always welcome your contributions.

Some years back, I worked at a radio station where there was a call-in cooking program. As you can imagine, I collected some phenomenal recipes. I recall making a cake that was so wonderful that I reach for words to describe it. So I dug through my folder that contained cake recipes and it was nowhere to be found. I set aside the folder and then went back and dug through the hundreds of clipped recipes from magazines again. Now I was on a mission to track down this recipe.

This marvelous mocha walnut cake recipe was provided by a woman named Sue who lived in the Warren, Ohio, area. Two layers are baked in round 9-inch pans. Then this delectable, whipped cream mocha frosting with instant coffee goes between the layers, and on the top and sides of the cake. It is finished with walnut halves.

By now, my mouth was watering. I was near obsession level with finding and making this recipe. I discovered one that came close but close wasn’t quite good enough.

Then, as luck would happen, there it was — stains and all and in Sue’s neat printing. My note says simply: very good.

Anytime Sue contributed a recipe, I knew it would be excellent. And she picked a real winner with this one.

If you love coffee flavoring, then you’ll love this cake. Don’t worry that the batter appears thin. It’s OK. And there is enough.

And because we’re all about sharing today, I have a potpourri of more recipe treasures to pass along. One, in particular, can be saved for the holidays because just about everyone loves pumpkin desserts this time of year.

Old or new recipes — we love them all at Culinary Conversation and look forward to hearing from you.

Walnut Mocha Torte

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