New Castle News

September 7, 2013

John K. Manna: Voters are always hoping for something better

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Ed Rendell a candidate for Philadelphia mayor?

His name is being tossed around as possibly running again for mayor, a post he held before he ran for governor. There is no confirmation that he will run or is even interested, but his name has surfaced because some people are not enthusiastic about the possible field for 2015.

Which brings me to this question: Why do we continually see the same people as possible candidates?

Obviously, one answer is people generally aren’t enthralled about any of the other candidates who have announced. There is always a certain number of voters who never like the field of presidential candidates.

I wouldn’t doubt that there were some who felt that way about George Washington.

There had to be someone who asked, “Isn’t there someone else? What does he know about being a president?”

The answer to that question is obvious.

Even in New Castle, we have seen former officials attempt to make political comebacks. Some who have served as county commissioners lost re-election and came back four years later and won.

Some people run not because of public demand, but because they truly believe they can do a better job than most other candidates. Actually, those who are pushed into a race by their friends or special interests should be the last ones running for office.

New Castle has two candidates on November’s ballot trying for political comebacks. One is Philip Conti, who won the Republican nomination for New Castle school board, and the other is Tim Fulkerson, a Democratic candidate for city council.

Conti served on the board previously and Fulkerson served two terms as mayor. Conti is running for school board and has nothing else in mind for the future, at least from all indications. He did win the Republican nomination in 2011 and lost to Mayor Anthony Mastrangelo in the general election.

Fulkerson attempted a comeback for mayor in 2011, but lost his party’s nomination to Mastrangelo. Some are suggesting that his run for council this year is simply a springboard to another campaign for mayor in 2015.

That’s way into the future in political terms, but there is talk about it.