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October 18, 2012

Healthy Living with Lori Brothers: Clothes can make you look, feel good

NEW CASTLE — Have you ever felt blue? Have you ever been green with envy? Were you ever so mad that you saw red? Does it feel like a gray day?

Color shows up as a metaphor for our feelings and moods in our language. It is often true that we can be influenced in our moods and about how we see others by what we, or they, are wearing.

Research on color preference shows that blue is the top choice for 35 percent of Americans, followed by green (16 percent), purple (10 percent) and red (9 percent).

This is how fashion can be a positive influence on your health. You can decide to have some fun with it. What you choose to wear can make an impact on how you feel and uplift your mood.

I feel great wearing blues, purples, greens and cool reds. Yellow, orange and warm reds look so great on others, but don’t speak to my senses. As you can see, the colors we wear are often based on personal preference.

However, sometimes wardrobe is something of a science for people, and PR consultants know that colors can make a powerful impression. If you look at the recent debates, the Democrats were wearing blue ties. The Republicans were wearing red ties. For some, these images stand out and can add drama and impact.

Another fashion concern is about how you feel in your clothes. There are reports now warning people about the importance of wearing proper clothing when exercising and working out. Supportive shoes and proper fitting clothes are a must. Clothes that are too tight can be harmful, especially undergarments. The concern is pinching nerves that lead to pain or numbness. This can affect movement and range of motion.

For women, it is a myth that underwire bras will cause breast cancer. Tight bras may cause discomfort, but science has shown that the lymph nodes are not affected by the location of the underwires and, therefore, are safe.

There have been studies that show for both men and women that clothes that are too tight can cause health concerns. Advice for men is to make sure that your button-down shirts and ties are not too tight around the neck. This can cause restriction of blood flow to the head, causing head aches and dizziness.

For men and women, wearing pants or belts to tight can cause tingling and numbness in the thighs and waste, putting pressure on nerves that, while not usually permanent, will cause discomfort.

Moving back to the topic of color, during the month of October the color “pink” takes on powerful meaning as the beacon of love, support, and nurturance for women. Breast cancer awareness is associated with the pink ribbon that calls our attention to prevention, and remembrance of women who have faced their battles and triumphs from this very invasive disease.

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