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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers

February 21, 2013

Lori Brothers: Don’t forget to make time for you

NEW CASTLE — Exquisite living includes remembering to remember yourself in your busy life.

Establish habits in the busy-ness of your week that meet your personal needs and well-being including: healthy eating habits, restorative time, regular exercise, developing and maintaining balanced relationships, living by a great life philosophy, and following your creative flow. The little extra time and effort delivers great results.

For diet: Include a minimum of one whole grain during at least one meal per day, and eat one serving of whole grain as a snack per day. Eat one of these: baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, black eyed peas, pinto beans at least one time per day. Eat one to two pieces of fruit per day. Eat at least one salad per day. Eat at least one cooked vegetable per day. Eat one piece of 70  to 85 percent cocoa chocolate per day (I prefer the Ghiradelli squares — only one!) or other foods high in flavonoids like cranberries, onions, tea or red wine.

For restorative time: Play with your dog, brush your cat, listen to music that relaxes or inspires you, play the piano or other instrument that celebrates your talent (or listen to someone else express their talent to play an instrument or to sing), take a tai chi or yoga class, set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to stretch and breathe.

Regular exercise: If you are not currently active, the best approach is to start with 10 minutes and work toward 30 minutes of exercise six days per week. You can walk around your dining room table or march in front of the television if it is too cold or snowy to walk outside — just move. Once you reach 30 minutes of aerobics, six days, start to include some strength training, such as stretch bands, in your routine.

Developing and maintaining relationships: There is value to feeding good relationships with your time and attention. Verbalize your appreciation to others for what they do. Give a hug or a smile whenever appropriate. Don’t be stingy about lending a hand when you can. Say thank you often. Show up with much love and care in your significant other relationships by taking the time to notice how those around you need you most.

Have a great life philosophy: Waking up each day knowing that you intend to make a difference, and intending to receive the gifts that the day will bring, contributes to exquisite living. Some of the oldies but goodies include: “seeing the glass half full,” “always do your best,” “look on the bright side of life.”

Following your creative flow: Make a date with yourself (and only you) at least once per week to do something fun and/or creative. Take one full hour out of your schedule to re-discover what makes you tick. This can give you the depth to manage other demanding situations that come up in life. Find what brings you joy. Do you enjoy looking for unique greeting cards to share? Do you like ice skating, knitting or creating an art or craft?Are you a woodworker? Would you like to learn more about using the computer?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: To be the best human being you can be, you may not always get it “right,” and that’s part of being human. Staying connected to the intention to love and make a difference deepens the experience of living. Sometimes being goofy or awkward still delivers an opportunity to communicate, to support, to teach or to learn.

Exquisite living celebrates that you know your worth. The little extra time and effort you take to focus on valuing yourself in all of these areas will deliver more health, more happiness and more joy.

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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers
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