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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers

September 6, 2012

Lori Brothers: Claim your healthy habits — then share

NEW CASTLE — In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change,” Stephen R. Covey says, “Perhaps a sense of possessing needs to come before a sense of genuine sharing.”

In creating new habits, ownership is the ticket that brings results and gets people talking. It is amazing to me how eager people are to spread their enthusiasm. The more they own their new lifestyle, the more momentum and excitement. People are so happy to share – their experiences, their discoveries, their recipes and their results.Here’s an example.

With this year’s hot summer, I’ve run my air conditioning at home and in the car more than usual; you may have also. Anyway, my car’s air conditioning sprang a leak. Water was running inside the car, on the passenger floorboard. What a mess.

I called the car dealer and took a day off work to get the repairs done. They have a great limo service, and that is where the story really begins.

The limo driver’s name is Patty. I just live about 10 minutes from where I get my car repairs. In that short ride home, and back again after the repairs, Patty and I bonded. We talked about healthy living.

She was very excited about delicious recipes she discovered through a co-worker whose wife is a marathon runner. I love the networking. Patty said she would send me copies, and she did. It’s a great surprise to get something unexpected in the mail. So I wanted to share her Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread with you this week.

She said she thinks it’s “yummy” and she hopes you all enjoy it.

As I was writing this, I received a call from Barbara G., a participant in our January 2012 Spectrum Program. Her timing is impeccable. She called to share with our Ornish team that in just seven months (the class ended in February) she has cut her cholesterol numbers in half. She did this with making new, wiser choices that are on the healthier end of the Spectrum scale. She is so ecstatic and her doctor is very impressed.

“I needed to be purposeful,” she said.

She understands why she is creating new habits to meet healthy guidelines, and she knows where she needs to focus to get the results.

When you determine your patterns, and if you are honest about where you need to change, the results take care of themselves .

Barbara’s health goals are based on her desire to improve her quality of life so she can continue to be a good grandmother for a long time. She’s committed to quality and longevity of life with each choice she makes.

“We talk about it because we feel better, and we want to share our success,” she said of herself, and others making lifestyle changes. Barbara said she feels she can maintain her success because she has established new patterns that are realistic and sustainable most of the time.

She noted that she had a “two-dessert day” recently. In the past, she said would have viewed this as a disaster, but she is so confident in how she changed her daily patterns that she can enjoy the glitches instead of being racked with guilt.

She is proud to own her healthy patterns. Barbara knows she on the right track to meet her goals.

So taking possession of your habits is a building block to meeting your goals — and when you find what works for you, I’ll bet you’ll want to share it too.

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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers
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