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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers

May 23, 2012

Lori Brothers: Aim to hit goals ‘most of the time’

NEW CASTLE — Most of the time, I make healthy eating choices.

I have rice cakes and a small can of chick peas in my desk drawer right now — for emergencies. I want to know I have options available. I choose well, “most of the time.”

This leads me to a cute little story. Last week, I went to Subway for lunch. There was a line, but things were moving quickly. The guy next to me ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich. I ordered an egg white sandwich. The sandwich builder asked if I wanted cheese. I said no.

Buffalo Chicken turned to me in surprise and said, “What! No cheese?”

I said “No, thank you.” I did not want to spout any facts about what full-fat cheese does to your arteries. It’s not my style to lecture in public, unless I’m asked.

Buffalo Chicken ordered provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and extra Buffalo sauce on his sandwich. We continued on down the line. I got my usual veggies – lettuce, tomato, onion, cukes, banana peppers (no spinach, it gives me a rash.)  

I usually get vinegar, salt and pepper or the fat-free sweet onion dressing.  However, because of Buffalo Chicken, I asked, and discovered that the Buffalo sauce was fat free — so I ordered it.

Buffalo Chicken paid his bill, then turned to me and said, “Buffalo sauce, good choice.” I must say it made me chuckle, he was so opinionated about my lunch.

The story does not end there. I went out to my car and parked right next to me was a past “Dean Ornish Reversal Program” participant. I knocked on Bob’s window. He rolled it down. I said, “Hey, I just got an egg white sandwich.”  

Bob said he was heading in to do the same. He said that he just got back from Germany. His son lives there. They were celebrating the birth of a new grandson. As any great grandparent would, Bob had a photo. Adorable!

Bob told me how great he feels since he changed his lifestyle habits. He admitted that he overindulged on his trip. We both agreed that he knows how to get right back on track. He values his health and the choices he learned to make, which are helping him maintain quality living.

Bob had a heart attack in 1991, followed by stents and then triple bypass surgery. He has described to our team that, at the point he came into the program, he was “at the end of his rope.”  Now, 80-plus years old, Bob is still working because he has so much energy. He looks and feels great because even if he goes off track once in a while, overall, he knows how to make good choices most of the time.

This “most of the time” philosophy gives you the permission to take ownership of what you eat, how often and when. Are you willing to take that kind of responsibility? Can you choose what is best for your health and quality living most of the time. When you learn this approach and live by it, there is no guilt.

I have seen many people “morph” into other people by being determined to repattern their belief systems, break habitual living and redefine what really brings satisfaction to their lives. I’m sure that Bob is delighted to still be here to meet his new grandson.

When you take ownership of your life and your choices, admit your worst habits, and remain determined to change, then “most of the time” you, too, will be able to say that you make wise choices for eating well.

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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers
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