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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers

January 25, 2012

Lori Brothers: Fleshing out ideas for skin care

NEW CASTLE — It does appear that winter has finally parked over our little neck of the woods.

It is the time of year when hands and lips get dry and chapped. Also, since we don’t get enough sun, we start looking a little pale.

So what can we do for our skin?

In doing a little research, I was very happy to discover the one of the No. 1 things to eat for healthy skin is dark chocolate and cocoa. Even though we may not see the sun until spring, it is great to know that you can defend your skin from harsh UV rays from the sun by warming up with hot chocolate made from dark cocoa. Dark chocolate and cocoa contain skin-protecting flavanols (antioxidants).

Also, drinking green tea is another excellent choice for protecting the skin because it is so rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation and cancer. Research is showing that green tea may also reverse sun damage. An important note: Drink green tea while it is hot because the healing properties degrade as it cools.

The vitamin A in carrots makes them high on the list for reducing skin cancer cells and clearing up acne break-outs.

The selenium in canned tuna makes it an excellent choice for contributing to smooth, tight skin because it preserves the protein in skin called elastin.

If you suffer from dry skin, you may want to add safflower oil to your diet. It is a natural moisturizer because it allows water to penetrate the epidermis.

For DNA preservation and repair, spinach and other leafy greens have been proven to reduce the growth of skin tumors and cancer cell growth.

Want a wrinkle fighter? Eat more sweet potatoes. The concentrated amounts of vitamin C stimulate collagen, resulting in fewer wrinkles and smoother skin.

One of my favorites, cooked tomatoes, attacks free-radicals that make skin look older. This is due to their high lycopene content.

Flaxseeds reduce skin redness and irritation, and help to keep skin hydrated because they are so high in Omega-3 fatty acids. This can improve overall quality, and help to reduce fine lines and even skin tones.

Vitamin E does more than keep your arteries healthy. Eating almonds is an excellent healthy habit to bring this vitamin naturally into your diet to defend against sun damage to the skin.

If you enjoy learning about the kinds of foods you can be eating and other good habits to take care of your skin, I highly recommend a book called, “The Truth About Beauty,“ by Kat James. This book is an excellent resource, and also recounts the author’s inspiring success story and how she is continuing to educate others.

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Healthy Living: Lori Brothers
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