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June 3, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: Autorrect function doesn’t always get it left — I mean right

NEW CASTLE — I love technology. I really do.

And I love my iPhone.

It has allowed me to find directions when in the process of getting lost, it allows me to speak text messages if I cannot look down for whatever reason and it has some fun games that I believe my kids will enjoy when they are old enough to hold it without dropping it in a puddle of water.

One thing that gets a little bit under my skin with this kind of modern device is a little feature that I will refer to as “autocorrect.”

It happens to the best of us.

Last week I received a text from someone with relatively mundane subject matter, but at the end of the message, before the period, came the word “spiderpig.”


I understand that this is a “Simpsons” reference, but it was completely inappropriate following the rest of the sentence.

Autocorrect was surely to blame.

But, it’s not always the interjection of ill-timed random words that bothers me.  It’s the auto-correction of actual words, words that I am actually intending on using.

According to my iPhone, the following words are NEVER appropriate to use in any sentence:

of (if)

gone (lose)

as (A’s)

white (cannot be lower case)

we’ll (well)

many (manu)

and (AMD)

me (mr)

the (thr)

As you can see, my iPhone ( I cannot speak for everyone else’s) corrects most of the main words in the English language to random other words — ome of which do not even sound like English.

I am SURE there is some kind of way to manually make this less frequent by going into my phone’s settings, but I am not interested in that.

These words are not strange, obscure or exotic. They are very plain, yet essential.

Unfortunately, not all of my autocorrect mishaps result in just plain annoyance. Sometimes they lead to downright offensive and inappropriate messages.

For example, I recently texted a loved one, “I lard you.”

I swear I have never larded anyone in my life, but apparently my phone recognizes that I use the word ‘lard’ way more frequently than the word ‘love.’

Well, doesn’t that just make me sound like a good person?

I suppose with the use of technology comes the possibility that sometimes we DO know better than the machine we are using.

Someday I will be able to use the word “Of” as freely as I’d like, but I suppose that for now, I will continue to type the letters “o” and “f” in the texting field on my phone 25 to 30 times before it allows me to use it.

A small price to pay, I suppose.


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