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February 27, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: My best-dressed favorites from the Oscars

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The Oscars can be considered the Super Bowl for fashionistas.

We love watching the red carpet (sometimes more than the actual awards show) to see what our favorite celebrities will turn up in, oohing and aahing over the couture, the jewels, and the hairstyles. Unlike other awards shows, stars tend to get the most dressed up for this show, which makes viewing it extra exciting.

I always have favorites I look forward to seeing and this year was no different.

As soon as the red carpet started I was in prime position on my sofa exclaiming (and tweeting ... @SarahUnstitched) about my favorites. (As a side note, my husband doesn't particularly like this time of year for this exact reason. He says I tend to go into "Red Carpet Speak Mode"— talking about one amazing designer after another, many of which he's never heard of.)

To the right, I have several of my "Best Dressed" favorites, including my absolute number one.

Halle Berry — The cut of her dress was gorgeous on her and it was different than anything else on the carpet. Also, the slight exaggerated shoulders were perfect.

Jennifer Garner — The plum color looks so gorgeous on her. Not to mention seeing how proud she was of her husband (Ben Affleck) made her even more beautiful.

Sandra Bullock —  She always looks chic and I love the beautiful sheer and lace detailing on her dress.

Naomi Watts — She was my runner-up favorite. I adore the cut of her dress — it is so unexpected and the color is beautiful.

Sally Field — She always dresses her age and looks perfectly stylish. I love the vibrant red on her.

Jennifer Lawrence — She was one of the favorites for most. The dress is beautiful and she looked so elegant.

Amy Adams — I thought she looked like a princess in her beautiful gray dress.

Jessica Chastain — I adore the color on her, and her hair was perfect old Hollywood glamour.

And my absolute favorite of the night was Zoe Saldana. I loved this dress for many reasons — the cut on her, the detailing at the bust, the addition of the belt, and the ombre effect at the bottom. I also love that she didn't over-accessorize, she allowed the dress to stand out.

Not to mention, it was different than anything else on the carpet. I love someone who will take a risk and Zoe never disappoints.

Tell me, who were your favorites?