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March 18, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: Terrible? Two? An Easter miracle is in order

NEW CASTLE — On Saturday afternoon, my husband and I took our daughters to Kraynak’s.

If you have never been to this magical wonderland, Kraynak’s is a Lawn and Garden center located in Hermitage, which also has a retail store front that includes a twice yearly display of decorated trees.

“Christmasland” and “Easter Bunny Lane,” as they have been appropriately named, consist of a 300-foot walkway of contemporary, unique and beautifully decorated tree displays. Featuring children’s characters such as “Dora the Explorer,” “Elmo,” “Mickey Mouse” and many others, it is always a fun experience for the family — unless of course you are towing along two unhappy children, neither of which have napped and both of whom want to hold and touch everything in sight.

We knew it was going to be a rough trip before we even got to the store.

As we drove up Wilmington Road and passed Perkins Restaurant (a frequent gathering spot for my family after church on Sundays) my oldest daughter shrieked in horror.

She wanted to go to Perkins and she was upset that we were not. How she even knew that we were headed toward and then passing Perkins, I have no idea. But, she did and she let us know that she was not happy about it.

Our next hurdle arose when we first got into the store. I had to use the restroom and asked my husband to watch the baby (who was in the stroller) and my older daughter.

When I came back from the restroom (36 seconds later), Violet was hunched over a small table with lots of tiny trains on it. It was a display intended for play, but it turned into a grisly scene as my daughter wanted to take all of the tiny trains with us on our journey, an activity that would have technically been shoplifting.

As I pried the trains from her white knuckles she let out a scream that was probably audible from the movie theater a mile away.

She was quite upset, but quickly consoled by the stuffed giraffe she found on a shelf.

Despite her calming down, there was never any relief on my part because I knew by looking at the furry little creature that it was at least one million dollars, and I was not about to spend that on a tiny little dinky stuffed giraffe. 

Panic began to set in.

My husband and I decided to allow her to hold the toy while we walked through the display, and then somehow we could persuade her to trade the toy for something a little bit (a lot) less expensive.

The alternative to this was to rip it off of her and risk quite a scene, right in the middle of the candy aisle.

As it turns out, she wasn’t very keen on the Easter display and basically jogged through it, paying very little attention to even her favorite characters from TV. This gave us very little time to come up with a secret master plan to retrieve the overpriced animal toy from her grasp.

After offering her basically the entire store (necklaces, bracelets, Steelers paraphernalia, monkeys, dolls and Milk Duds) she wouldn’t budge. Just as I was about to swipe the toy from her arms, causing the inevitable “toddler-geddon” meltdown and embarrassing all of us, Erik spotted a tiny displaced giraffe on a shelf and handed it to her, at which time she set the other one free from her grip.

It was an Easter miracle.

Not five minutes after getting into the car and on our way home, her head dropped forward and she fell asleep, holding the tiny giraffe tight to her chest.

It’s not easy being 2.

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