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February 5, 2014

Sarah Stright-Hartley: More stores offer big options for the little ones

NEW CASTLE — With Baby H due any day, I've been spending a lot of time looking at baby clothing.

My husband and I don't know what we're having, so I've gotten the chance to let my mind wander and determine just what my baby boy OR baby girl will wear. A few of my favorite stores also offer some adorable baby clothing and I can't wait to start shopping and buy things a bit more gender specific.

To the right, I've found some of my favorite styles from three of my favorite (and inexpensive!) stores that also offer baby clothing.

First up , Old Navy. The store has really been impressing me the last few seasons with the adult offerings — they've become much more fashion forward while still keeping their prices low. And the baby clothing is no exception. I couldn't believe how many great options they had.

A couple of my favorite pieces? The baby girl trench coat, and the baby boy striped hoodie. I'd like to add both of those to my personal closet!

Next up is H&M. Another fashion forward store with inexpensive prices. The store is offering lots of striped options (always popular for spring) and warm and cozy suits for the continuous cold weather. The brown hooded, one piece suit (with ears!) is something that I bought for Baby H just as soon as I saw it (and will be putting the baby in it to come home from the hospital). I also really love the Tigger two-piece body suits and the chambray dress for the little girls.

Finally, Zara is another favorite of mine. I like this store because they offer a lot of gender neutral options. Many stores don't, which I found out while trying to do preliminary shopping for our baby. But they also have plenty of gender specific options at low prices.

Another reason I love this store? They don't rely on the typical pink clothing for girls and blue clothing for boys. I love the blue and white striped sweater (I want that in my size!) and the floral print dress for the baby girls.  

Where are you favorite places to shop for babies?

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