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February 11, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: The best thing about winter? It ends — we hope

NEW CASTLE — For a few months now I have avoided writing about this painfully predictable and obvious topic.



There, I said it.

Some of you will think I am being pessimistic and negative, and that’s OK because I AM.

Every time I meet someone who says they “love winter” (and I have a few close friends who often say this) I want to throttle them. I want to choke them with my dry, chapped, frozen hands.

What is there to love about a western Pennsylvania winter? Or ANY winter for that matter?

It’s cold. People drive like maniacs in the snow. More accidents happen. We have to shovel and salt and plow and still cannot walk to our cars without falling and bruising our hips and our egos.

I don’t remember disliking winter so strongly until having children. Winter’s annoyances intensify with little ones. Coats, gloves, hats, mittens, extra layers (all of which they take off 27 times before even getting out the door) are all extra things that make it that much harder for me to leave the house.

I don’t blame them, though, because I don’t want to wear these things either.

Every March I start boycotting coats. No matter what the temperature is or the weather conditions are I do not wear a coat past a certain point in March.  As you can imagine, I am then cold when outdoors until May, because as we all know it tends to not get warm enough to go without a coat until sometime in May — if we’re lucky.

And this year really takes the cake.

I don’t ever remember such a cold winter with so much snow.  My sister’s car tires froze to the ground last week and she had to dig them out with some kind of makeshift ice pick.

It’s been so cold that my car doors don’t want to shut and on more than one occasion I have had to slam them from the outside and climb through the trunk to get to the driver’s seat.

I like fall. I even like the little bit of snow that we get in the beginning of December, but come January I am really over it. And come March I am ready to pack up and move to Hawaii.

I have been trying to think of positive things about winter, specifically THIS winter that we are experiencing right now. Despite usually being able to see the good in things, I am having an awfully hard time finding anything good about this weather. I suppose it’s good that I and my loved ones are all here to complain about it, but that might be the only good part.

So, as I sit here in my dining room, which is a balmy 67 degrees (despite my thermostat being on 82), with my two layers of clothing on, and as I scrape my car for 45 minutes when I leave the house this afternoon and when I potentially drop my 9-month-old child in a pile of snow on the way to the car, I will be thinking warm thoughts.

The best thing about winter is that it DOES end. Just like any other “season” in our lives, I suppose. Perhaps the lesson this winter aims to teach us is one of patience and faithfulness that it will break and soon those of us agonizing over the wind and the snow will spend our days complaining about the sun and the heat.

Silly humans.

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