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December 11, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Here are my 12 ‘pregnancy staples’

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I'm closing in on being seven and a half months pregnant — which I kind of can't believe.

The last few months have FLOWN by and with the holidays, these last couple months are also rushing by me at a mind-boggling speed. Before I know it, our little one is going to be here so I'm trying to enjoy these last few months having all of my husband's attention.

I haven't had the easiest pregnancy and so I'm always searching for things that will make this time just a bit more pleasant. One of those things?  Good clothes, of course!

I've come to find a few "pregnancy staples" that are necessary for keeping me from having mini-meltdowns in my closet (though I'll admit, I've had a couple of those, too). So let's review, shall we?

1. Cardigans — I have quite a few of these from my pre-pregnancy days that I'm still wearing. I like clingy ones that I wear with a belt over my belly, and possibly unbuttoned over my bump. I also like oversize ones that I can snuggle up in (for these I tend to steal my husband's).

2. Comfortable T-shirts — Graphic T-shirts, plain T-shirts, patterned T-shirts, I love them all. And when I find a fantastic vintage wash one (read: super soft), I like to stock up in every color available. My favorites are from J.Crew.

3. Leather leggings — Yes, they make these in maternity. I love that they afford a pregnant woman some edge. I like them with a T-shirt, with a sweater, with a dress — just about everything. Plus, they look great with all types of shoes, too!

4. Tunic Sweaters — These are those long, comfortable sweaters that you CAN wear with leggings because they cover all necessary parts.  

5. Tall Boots — I'm a heels girl and I'm still wearing them now, but I know not everyone is a fan of heels. So my second favorite choice of shoe for this time (especially in wintry Pennsylvania) are tall riding boots. With skinny jeans or leggings, they are always cute.

6. Poncho — I love these, pregnant or not. It's like wearing a blanket, and who doesn't want to be wearing a blanket at all times?! I also love that you can dress these up with trousers for work, or dress them down with skinny jeans and riding boots for a casual look. Just be careful that you aren't wearing something oversized on the bottom as well since these are already voluminous.

7. Skinny Belts — They can add such a cute detail over the top of a sweater or cardigan above your bump. I always love one with a bow detail.

8. Maxi Skirts — These are another one of those things that are so comfortable and can take you from the office to a casual night out.

9. Oversized Button Down — Whether you steal these from your significant other, or stock up on a few that are made for pregnant bellys, I love to layer these with sweaters, or wear them over leggings (IF they're long enough, of course).

10. Sweaterdress — A comfortable sweaterdress looks great with leggings and flats, or with heels. And wearing a skinny belt over it makes it extra cute.

11. Maternity Boyfriend Jeans — Boyfriend jeans are my favorite, pregnant or not. They're one of the first style of denim that I sought out when I became pregnant because of the versatility. And since they aren't skin tight they provide much needed relief for our sore, pregnant bodies.

12. Wedge Shoes — Similar to my reasons for tall boots, I love wedge shoes because they're an alternate to heels. I'm short as it is (5'2) and now having this large belly I look quite "squat" when I wear flats. So the solution? Wedge shoes. They give me just enough height to lengthen my body, but they wear like a flat.

A true win/win.

What are/were your pregnancy staples?

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