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January 24, 2013

Lori Brothers: A positive attitude can lead to a healthier lifestyle

NEW CASTLE — “Wake up determined to go to bed satisfied,” says Doug Petrik, Jameson’s “resident marathoner.”

In Doug’s case it takes a lot of positive self-talk and motivation for him to train hard to do well in his running competitions. Whether it is a passion, such as a sport, or just wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment, it is important to determine your attitude before you begin.

Suffering all the way through to your goal doesn’t lend to health and balance. Health benefits can develop in relationship to what you do in a day as you decide to form a cooperative “inner space,” which begins with positive attitude. Learn to hold yourself in high esteem while you move through your activities most out of your day.

Even if you feel you “have to” do something, how you approach the endeavor will determine the quality of your experience. Waking up means more than emerging from the night’s slumber. “Waking up” also means bringing awareness and your good intentions for yourself and others into your day.

Starting this awareness first thing in the morning is a powerful approach. Positive habits and thoughts create positive feelings and outcomes. Notice the thoughts in your head when you wake up. Are you planting powerful seeds of intention? Do you start your day with the vision of what you will accomplish? Do you have clear steps to meet your goals?

If you are determined when you wake up in the morning to get 30 minutes of exercise, for example, and you don’t let your head hit the pillow until you can rest with the knowing that you met your goal, you can truly rest. (Even though exercising too close to bed can send your blood sugar crashing in the middle of the night, so be sure to set a reasonable deadline to accomplish what you intend with exercise.)

Contentment is the knowledge that you are living your life creating the accomplishments you want and feeling good about them. Embracing your goal is not limited to exercise or weight loss. Maybe you really want to spend more time with your kids or grand kids. Perhaps you want to explore cooking a healthier menu, or start a woodworking project.

Some of our best efforts take some planning. Begin to make lists. Be specific about the steps it will take to accomplish something. Planning and structure can help you meet your goals. Then go for it.

Doug puts a training plan together once a week to schedule his workout. Then he implements the plan based on how he feels. You can modify the routine to make sure that it is appropriate for that day.

“Sometimes things seem easier and doable on paper than when you actually have to do them. You can make changes and still get quality out of what you accomplish in your day,” Petrik says.

There are both tangible and intangible benefits to developing a healthy, positive attitude. The tangible treasures are the results, such as miles walked, new recipes tried or the rocking horse that you built. Intangible treasures are stored in your inner landscape, that place where you meet you. Intangible treasures such as self-worth, self-esteem, and a sense of pride and accomplishment are your gems of accomplishment.

Ghandi said, “Footprints on the sand are not made by sitting down.”  There is a seed of determination in this awareness that success takes action.  When you wake up determined to go to bed satisfied you can discover that you are never bored, and you are likely to have more meaningful relationships, first with yourself and then with those around you.

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