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December 19, 2012

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Some cool ways to dress ‘festively’ for Christmas

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — With the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching, I often get asked if it's OK to "dress festively."

And the short answer is ABSOLUTELY! With one caveat, that is — it isn't necessary to make it look as if the holiday overtook your body. Ugly sweaters need not apply unless, of course, you're going to an Ugly Sweater Party, in which case the uglier the better! I put together some great options for you to take into consideration.

In the first look, use the traditional holiday colors of red and green. For the women's look, a bright red dress is exceptionally cheerful, but you can make sure it doesn't get too "holiday" by grounding it with black — a black leather jacket, black bow belt, black textured tights and black shoes (sparkles on the shoes are optional!).

Pair your dress with the classic color combo of black and gold using a great clutch, stacked bracelets, bold earrings and a giant cocktail ring. (This outfit is actually very similar to what I'll be wearing for the holidays!)

For the men, layering a bright green sweater with a red flannel shirt borders on Christmas, but when paired with gray jeans it keeps the look more modern. Great leather boots, and brown accessories also steer the look away from being too festive. Top off your look with a green military style coat to add to the cool factor.

In the second photo, I've used more non-traditional holiday colors for a more casual look. For the women's look, you can still bring sparkle in but in a more casual way — wear a T-shirt adorned with sequins and pair it with leather leggings (but don't forget to cover up your private areas with a long tank!).

Give the look some edge with spiked loafers. The red scarf adds a pop of color and the classic peacoat keeps your outfit from going overboard.  The men's look is simple — it’s a classic black cardigan paired with the classic white dress shirt. Bring red into the mix with a bright tie. Add in a light wash denim to keep the look casual and a clean black shoe. A short black trench finishes the look.

So tell me, what is your go-to holiday look? I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your family!

(If you have any fashion questions, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!)