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July 2, 2013

Kali Davies-Anderson: Ready or not, Violet, it’s potty time!

NEW CASTLE — When I was about seven months pregnant with my second daughter (and Violet was about 18 months old) I made an attempt to begin potty training.

I know that a lot of people will say that this is too young, but according to my mother I was 15 months old when I kicked my diaper habit, so it is not impossible.

The night before I decided to start training I found myself eager to get going. I got out her pretty pink potty chair that plays music when the deed is executed (this seems like a bit much as far as features of a toilet go, but I love music so it sounded like a nice addition to the whole process). I then set up the living room with her little chair in front of the TV so that when she woke up in the morning I could whisk her down to her tiny pink throne.

So, the next morning when Miss Violet awoke, I scurried into her room and quickly snatched her from her crib and carried her into the living room. Placing her on the tiny chair she looked somewhat confused, but surprisingly did not budge. I put “Dora” on for her viewing pleasure and snuck out of the room, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Suddenly, I could hear the distant sound of trumpets coming from the living room. Much to my surprise, Violet had gone on the potty — on the first try! I had so much joy that I could barely contain myself. I called my mother. I called my husband at work. I might have even shouted it to the mailman later that afternoon. I found myself looking forward to only having ONE child in diapers when the baby was born. Life was good — for a few days at least.

After about six days of using the potty, at least in the mornings, and showing great progress, my little “Einstein” began to regress.

At first she started showing some resistance to sitting on the potty in the first place for more than a moment or two. Then she became infatuated with the inside of the bowl. This, of course, came AFTER she realized that if you touched the little metal plate at the bottom of the bowl the music would begin to play.

Still hopeful that we were making progress, I decided to up the ante and offer her an assortment of snacks and juices while attempting to get her to sit still.

On one particular morning, I handed her orange juice and a cup of dry Cheerios and slowly crept out of the room with a hopeful heart.

About five minutes later I heard the trumpets sounding and rushed into the living room to find that she had indeed gone on the potty but was now tossing cheerios into the bowl and retrieving them one at a time. I will let you use your imagination here with what happened next.

Frustrated, I decided to give her one more chance later that day. So, setting up shop once again I turned on a movie and exited the living room. Three, then five then seven minutes passed and I heard nothing.

“She must be sitting on the potty like a good girl,” I told myself.

But, when I entered the living room, I found a shocking site. My diaper-less child was marking her territory on her 3-foot-tall stuffed panda bear. Poor little guy never saw it coming.

That was the point at which I decided to return to potty training land at a later date.

And that date is this week some time.

Wish me Luck. I (and Mr. Panda) will certainly need it.


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